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July 2014 Newsletter

Welcome to the July 2014 Newsletter. This week we celebrate Independence Day and offer a reminder to put safety first during your holiday, especially when children are celebrating.... See message


The Metropolitan Transportation Board unanimously agreed to build a new light rail station at 96th Street and Aviation Boulevard along the Crenshaw/LAX Line that will carry passengers to a newly built front door—or “gateway”—at Los Angeles International Airport... Read More
Los Angeles County residents are now able to splash around and cool down in county swimming pools. All 28 pools throughout the County of Los Angeles are open seven days a week from 12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. each day... Read More
Hoping to reduce emergency room overcrowding and decrease the costs of keeping stabilized homeless patients in expensive hospital beds, the Board of Supervisors approved $3.7-million in funding for a new recovery center on the Martin Luther King, Jr. Medical Campus in Willowbrook... Read More
For the fifth summer in a row, the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools, an exciting six-week summer literacy and enrichment program for children ages 5 to 18-years-old, has come to the Second District. Since June 16, six different sites have rolled out the popular educational program... Read More
The building stands out in the heart of downtown Los Angeles as a bright white beacon of hope for the homeless. The Star Apartments for the Skid Row Housing Trust at 6th Street and Maple Avenue, built in December 2013, already have become local landmarks, winning two prestigious awards for... Read More
Hoping to dramatically improve the child welfare system in Los Angeles County, the Board of Supervisors agreed to move forward on the recommendations made by the Blue Ribbon Commission on Child Protection... Read More
First there was “Carmageddon” and then its son, “Jamzilla.” Now, Angelenos need to brace for the “Century Crunch”—when a portion of Century Boulevard will be closed to permit the demolition of a defunct railroad bridge at the intersection of Century and Aviation Boulevards near the Los Angeles International Airport... Read More
Joseph Baddley, 53, became homeless after being in and out of prison. Not having access to medical care, when Baddley became sick, he hit rock bottom. But thanks to a new program to build more supportive housing in Los Angeles County, Baddley has found an apartment to call home... Read More

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