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July 2012 Newsletter

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas' statement on Supreme Court healthcare law decision

Today, the United States Supreme Court preserved the fundamental right to health care for millions of families. The court upheld the entire Affordable Care Act, with the exception that the federal government's power to terminate states' Medicaid funds is narrowly read. It is a good day for millions of Americans... Read more

Supervisors approve wage increase for in-home supportive service workers

At their 2012 annual budget meeting, the Board of Supervisors approved a wage increase for in-home supportive service workers , bringing their hourly rate to $9.65 an hour. Supervisors Mark Ridley-Thomas and Zev Yaroslavsky co-authored the motion amidst severe budget challenges... Read more

Actor George Takei's testimony urging repeal of Supervisors' WWII support for Japanese internment

Speaking in support of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas’ motion to repeal L.A. County’s World War II-era support for the internment of people of Japanese descent, actor George Takei recalls the day when, as a five-year-old boy, soldiers with bayonets on their rifles banged on the door of his Los Angeles home and herded his family into a waiting truck. The Takeis were then transported, with other Japanese-Americans, to living quarters in a reeking horse stable at Santa Anita race track. Later, after being relocated to a camp in Arkansas, Takei would go to school, study, work and pledge allegiance to the flag from behind barbed wire... Read more

Architectural sites that define our community - Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza

Built in 1947, the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza was the first open-air mall in the nation. Originally called the Broadway-Crenshaw Center, the mall was a 550,000-square-foot retail wonder. Anchored by The Broadway and May Company stores, it was also home to that fixture of the American marketplace: a Woolworth five and dime.... Read more

Statement on the Athens Horse Stables

A large horse stable in the unincorporated County community of Athens called “The Hill,” was recently the site of a fire in which four animals perished. Long before that blaze, however, the stables were a problem -- cited literally dozens of times due to serious safety and building code violations... Read more

Harbor-UCLA Master Plan meeting

About 60 community members and hospital staff participated in the last Harbor-UCLA master planning session on June 25, in which the final draft of the strategic plan for the 72-acre campus was unveiled... Read more

Los Angeles County Museum of Art kicks off new exhibit with free admission

Last March, communities from Riverside County and Los Angeles County endured closed streets and freeways to accommodate a 340-ton boulder as it made its journey from a quarry in Jurupa Valley to its permanent home, the Levitated Mass exhibit, by artist Michael Heizer, to be housed at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art... Read more

Culver City and Farmdale Metro stations now open to the public

The Culver City and Farmdale stations along Metro’s recently opened Expo Line opened to the public on Wednesday, June 20. To mark the occasion, patrons boarding trains at the two newly opened stops received free passes to use the Expo line for the entire day. Line 1 travels from Washington/Landmark near the front of the Culver City Station, westward to downtown Culver City, onward to Venice Beach, and returns eastward to the West LA Transit Center along Washington Blvd... Read more

Board proclaims World Sickle Cell Day

Four years after the United Nations recognized Sickle Cell Disease as a world-wide public health epidemic, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors continues to raise awareness about the debilitating condition. In keeping with its ongoing efforts, the Board today approved a motion by Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas proclaiming June 19, World Sickle Cell Day in Los Angeles County. Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is a hereditary disorder named for the abnormal, sickle shape of red blood cells, which are impaired as they carry oxygen through the body... Read more

Statement on hydraulic fracking and the Inglewood Oil Field

Hydraulic fracking continues to be a subject not only of local, but international concern. I too am very concerned about this issue, and the potential environmental, economic and social impacts of hydraulic fracking, specifically as it relates to the communities that surround the Inglewood Oil Field. It is important that interested stake holders are cognizant of the differences between hydraulic fracking in the mid-west and north east, and in California. While most of the controversy has revolved around hydraulic fracking for natural gas, in California the geology only allows for fracking for oil. In addition, the majority of the states are only now adopting regulations on well integrity that California has relied on for years... Read more

New artist opportunities along the Expo Line

Artists are invited to submit their qualifications for exciting art opportunities at seven future rail stations in Los Angeles County. The art budget will range from approximately $130,000 to $230,000 per station. The budget includes an artist fee of up to 16% of the final art project cost. One artist will be selected for each station. These are ideal opportunities for both emerging and established artists with a background in two-dimensional media and an interest in public art... Read more





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Weigh in on the Supreme Court healthcare law decision.

Today, the United States Supreme Court preserved the fundamental right to health care for millions of families. The court upheld the entire Affordable Care ActRead more

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Read, listen, vote and comment on our featured architectural sites in the Second District. Read more


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