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January 2014 Newsletter

Welcome to the January 2014 newsletter. As usual we have a lot in store for you. This month, among other activities and events, we celebrate the legacy of a truly great American Hero, our nation’s last Founding Father, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr... See message


The 22nd annual Empowerment Congress Summit is around the corner and promises to be an exciting forum for anyone interested in civic participation and becoming a leader in their community.... Read More
Construction of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital is largely completed, as is work on the beautiful new Outpatient Center... Read More
Dozens of children will play baseball in style at the new Campanella Park Dream Field, which was recently inaugurated. The field at Campanella Park, in the community of Rosewood just east of the Harbor Freeway, has been in need of a new field for a while... Read More
At first glance, if driving or walking by the corner of Compton Avenue and East 49th Street, it can be difficult to readily appreciate the stark beauty of the Bethlehem Baptist Church. Its original luster has long been washed away by the elements, and years of disuse have taken a toll... Read More
Willowbrook, a community just south of downtown and only four square miles, has long been in the shadow of its larger and more well-known neighbors, Compton and Watts... Read More
The United Nations estimates that 27 million people are living in slavery around the world today, with Los Angeles, sadly, serving as a top destination for human trafficking in the United States..... Read More


As Henry Porter walked down the brightly polished aisles of the new Food 4 Less market in Athens, he glanced at the fresh red and green apples stacked neatly in a row, the mists of water refreshing the vegetables and sighed in disbelief... Read More
The Rocket Gas and Cleaners in Lynwood had been closed for two decades creating a toxic soup of leaky underground gas tanks and dry cleaning chemicals leaching into the soil. For the past 15 years, the city had been after the property owners to get them to clean up to no avail... Read More


Seven-year-old Carlos Urrutia has struggled for years to see the front board in his classroom, which always seems to be blurry. But recently, he stepped into the Vision to Learn mobile clinic to get fitted for a new pair of glasses... Read More


The Star Apartment project, a newly built supportive housing site for the homeless, also will be home to a new Department of Health Services primary care clinic that will specialize in providing integrated health care services to homeless people and residents of supportive housing... Read More
It was a moment of reflection for families, elected officials and many others as they bowed their heads in silence at Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, remembering that awful day, December 14, 1963 when the old Baldwin Hills Reservoir collapsed... Read More

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