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December 2013 Newsletter

Many of you joined us last month on Long Beach Boulevard to March Against Trafficking. As you know, one of the most atrocious crimes against children continues to this day not just in our district, but throughout the county and state. Our rally and prayers served to launch a campaign to make it clear that child trafficking... See message
Chants of “Our children are not for sale!” echoed loudly along a stretch of Long Beach Boulevard as nearly 400 residents, members of church organizations, community activists and elected officials marched from Compton to Lynwood, ignoring a light evening drizzle to bring attention to the plight of children who are trafficked... Read More
An eight-mile stretch of unsightly, unkempt and unused railway in South Los Angeles is poised for a wonderful transformation into a greenbelt with walkways and bike lanes. The 8.3-mile right-of-way, which generally parallels Slauson Avenue, is being studied for key upgrades by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority... Read More
Is there another neighborhood in the United States of America that packs the contemporary architectural punch of the Hayden Tract in Culver City? We don't think so. Building by building, architect Erin Owen Moss transformed what was once a gritty industrial area of warehouses and near-empty buildings into an outdoor museum of dynamic structures... Read More
Ranger Collin O'Mara-Green led a group of fourth graders through a windy path along the newly built Compton Creek Natural Park at George Washington elementary school and pointed at a dark green sage plant.
"Now I want you to touch the leaves and smell your fingers,"... Read More
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has approved the construction of and $7 million per year in funding for a new psychiatric urgent care center on the Martin Luther King Medical Campus. The new facility will provide much-needed services for both adults and teens... Read More
In an effort to see that horses and other barn animals in the Athens area never again are warehoused in makeshift stables with dangerous electrical conditions, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors established strict guidelines for commercial horse stables in the West Rancho Dominguez... Read More
The Brotherhood Crusade, the community based non-profit organization, presented the 45th Annual Pioneer of African American Achievement Award to County Board of Supervisors Chairman Mark Ridley-Thomas for his work to improve the community... Read More
Rafael Galdamez, a project engineer for Access Pacific General Contractors, knows that environmental and sustainable building is a rapidly growing market. And so, he enrolled in a special program that taught him how to... Read More
First 5 LA, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help children under the age of 5 live physically and emotionally healthy lives so they are ready to learn, allocated $1.5 million to ensure that the county's neediest children receive free vision care services... Read More

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