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August 2012 Newsletter

Freedom Schools literacy programs in the Second District

Freedom Schools, an exciting six-week literacy and enrichment program created by the Children’s Defense Fund, returns to Los Angeles County for the third consecutive summer. The program hosts over 500 students ranging from ages five to 17 at seven locations throughout in the Second District...Read more

Architectural sites that define our community - Bullocks Wilshire

Bullocks Wilshire Department Store opened its doors on September 26, 1929, and instantly set a new standard for opulence. Never had Los Angeles, or the rest of the country for that matter, seen a store whose stylish exterior so perfectly matched the luxurious shopping experience indoors. With its 241-foot copper-topped tower, terracotta tiles and decorative copper panels, the five-story Art Deco building was an instant L.A. landmark. The interior was equally elegant, with marble walls, travertine floors and a Herman Sachs ceiling mural that paid homage to transportation, with images of steam trains, ocean liners, planes and giant blimps.... Read more

Downtown park opens in Grand style

Located in the heart of downtown’s cultural and civic center, Grand Park, a new 12-acre recreational area officially has opened. The new park includes expansive lawns, nearly 140 different species of drought-tolerant plants, pedestrian-friendly walkways, more than 300 trees, a performance lawn and stage, and a dog run. The eye-catching focal point of the park, however, is the newly renovated Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain and splash pad. Children seeking to escape the summer heat already have taken advantage of the pad’s cooling waters, and evening visitors now watch water shows synchronized to colored lights... Read more

Russian athletes play soccer in Watts

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas joined the Watts/Willowbrook Boys and Girls Club to welcome 24 young Russian athletes to Los Angeles. The Russians, 10 boys, 10 girls and four coaches, visited Southern California to participate in a beach volleyball program. On July 15, they also took time out, however, for a fun day of soccer at Markham Middle School with the Watts/Willowbrook team. The Russian delegation was brought here as part of the Sports Envoy Program of the U.S. State Department, which was reciprocating a visit U.S. athletes made to Russia in 2012. For a slideshow of soccer event, Click here

Supervisors take urgent action to address health and safety hazards at Athens Stables

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors took emergency measures Tuesday to address the serious public safety, health and environmental hazards at horse stalls located in the unincorporated community of Athens Acting on an urgency motion authored by Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, the Board voted unanimously to bring back an urgency ordinance for consideration at the July 17, 2012 meeting that would prohibit any establishment or development of equestrian facilities within the surrounding community until design guidelines can be reviewed and recommended... Read more

Meet me @ Metro

Don’t be surprised if you happen to visit a Metropolitan Transit Authority Station and run into costumed performers, playing polka music and dancing around with 14-foot puppets; it’s all part of Watts Village Theater Company’s third annual Meet Me @Metro: Uncovering Los Angeles’ Hidden Treasures!... Read more

Green Tea Seminar debates growth of green jobs in the Second District

This summer, the Empowerment Congress launched its new Environment Committee with a Green Tea Seminar. The event was hosted by Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas at the Exposition Park Environmental Service Center. The center serves as a “one-stop-shop” for residents and businesses who want to learn about the county’s programs that can help save them money and reduce their environmental footprint. The inaugural seminar debated the growth of the local green job market... Read more

Free Summer Lunch and Snack Program returns to County parks

The Free Summer Lunch and Snack Program brings nutritious snacks to children at County parks. From now until September 3, children 18 years of age and younger who are enrolled in the program will be given sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, milk, string cheese, and yogurt in the morning and afternoon at no cost to their parent or guardian... Read more


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