Today, the decisions we make will reverberate for generations to come, through all three branches of American government and across the world. Raising the stakes even more, 2020 marks a once-in-a-generation confluence of an election cycle in which our response to a resurgent global pandemic and economic downturn hangs in the balance.

Covid-19 has not only reminded so many about the importance of having capable and effective leaders, but also the way we are able to vote. In a year where we lost two giants of the civil rights movement—C.T. Vivian and John Lewis—when we vote, we’re upholding one of our most hard-fought rights and fundamental responsibilities that we have as citizens of this democracy.

This election will be both unique and historic. But we draw encouragement from the notion that no matter the circumstance, through voting we’re staking claim for a better tomorrow.


Artist: Derek Fordjour