Wishing a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving

“I’d like to wish you a blessed Thanksgiving. We’ve been facing very challenging times, and yet we remain lifted in gratitude for all the gifts with which we are endowed.

“Despite these trying times, we can be thankful for the community building and the togetherness that has resulted—a concern for one another demonstrated through acts of service to protect and help each other during this pandemic as we strive to end homelessness and all manner of injustice.

“I’m thankful for your strength, your caring, and your patience that has helped us through this very challenging set of circumstances and to celebrate this holiday season with cheer.

“And to those who will not be gathering today with loved ones, I commend you for putting health and safety first.

“It is with gratitude that I wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

“Thank you and be well.” -Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas