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VIDEO: Newsmakers: Helping at-risk children

Adrienne Alpert speaks with Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and Supervisor Mike Antonovich regarding at-risk children in the County. The program aired on Sunday, November 14, 2010.

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Supervisor Ridley-Thomas on 'Which Way, L.A.?' with Warren Olney

VIDEO: Supervisor Ridley-Thomas Leads Ban On Plastic Bags


LA County Becomes Nation’s Largest Municipality to Take Step

The Board of Supervisors introduced an ordinance banning
the sale of single-use plastic bags in Los Angeles County’s unincorporated areas. The County becomes the country’s largest government entity to enact such bold environmental legislation.

“With this vote, Los Angeles County becomes a national leader in the movement to promote the use of reusable bags,” said Supervisor Ridley-Thomas. “Single-use plastic bags take a significant toll on our environment and infrastructure. The vast majority of plastic bags ultimately end up clogging our storm drains, threatening our local waters and wildlife, and become blight within our communities.”

The new ordinance will ban plastic carryout bags and impose a ten-cent charge for paper bags at all supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores and food marts. Retailers, such as supermarkets and large pharmacies, must stop offering single-use plastic bags by July 1, 2011 or face enforcement action; smaller retailers will have until January 1, 2012 to comply.



Op-Ed: Scrutiny Will Keep MTA Finances On Correct Path


By Mark Ridley-Thomas, November 15, 2010

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s money must be carefully watched. With literally billions of public dollars flowing through Metro’s fingers, the need for careful financial controls, and for fairness in Metro contracting, is greater than ever before.

Sensing intolerable traffic congestion, mounting concerns for global air quality and renewed interest in urban living, a unique coalition of business, labor and public sector voices joined with the electorate to sponsor and fund Measure R.

This half-cent-per-dollar sales tax is dedicated exclusively to transportation. Under Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s “30/10” initiative to build 30 years of rail and highway improvements in 10 years, the critical path is now implementation, and a crucial element on that path will be Metro’s ability to manage its financial affairs.