Baldwin Hills Community Standards District Town Hall Meeting Recap

On Thursday, October 15th, Supervisor Ridley-Thomas led a Town Hall discussion at West Los Angeles College on the Baldwin Hills Community Standards District which established guidelines for oil and gas production in the area.

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The videos below are from the public comment period:

Sally Hampton (Empowerment Congress), Andy Weissman (Mayor City of Culver City), Dr. Clyde Williams (Sierra Club Water Committee), Mary Ann Greene (Baldwin Hills Conservancy), David McNeill (Baldwin Hills Conservancy), Holly Mitchell (CEO, Crystal Stairs), John Kuechle (GBHA), Irma R. Munoz (Resident), Gwendolyn Flynn (Community Health Councils), Ken Kutcher (CCNA/GBHA), Dr. Suzanne De Benedittis (Citizens Coalition for a Safe Community), Shams (Resident), Dee Seehusen (Concerned Citizen), John F. Harris (Homeowner), Robert Zirgulis (Candidate for Culver City School Board), Clint Simmons (BNHA), Galen Dodd (Student), Gary Gless (CCSC), Ian Cousineau (Raintree Homeowners Association of the CAP), Reginald Jones-Sawyer (California Democratic Party), Diane Sher (Concerned Citizen), Kristofur Williams (Student and Boy Scout), John Dunlap (Homeowner), Beverly Christensen (Homeowner), Carol Standifer (BHVG Baldwin Hills), Bernadette Kirkwood (Resident), Pearl West (Teacher, Windsor Hills School)

Kendall Price (Resident), Myrna Specktor (Resident), Patricia G. Siever (Professor, W LA College), Dr. Gyi (Citizen Coalition for a Safe Community), Willis Hampton (Baldwin Hills Village Garden Homeowner Association), Rev. Fran Taylor (Baldwin Hills Home Owners Association), Tom Camarella (Culver City Democratic Club), Theo Irving (United Homeowners Association), Meghan Sahli-Wells (Neighborhood Action Network), Rich Waters (Gateway Neighborhood Association), Alma Secundino (Student), Joseph Israel (Westside Progressives), Robert L. Jones (President Baldwin Hills Conservancy), Emma Bunten-Johnston (Student, Girl Scout), Marilyn Grobeson (Access Services), Michelle Weiner (Resident)

VIDEO: Stakeholders Urge Board To Consider Enhancements to Existing Ordinance Regulating Oil Drilling in Baldwin Hills Area

On Tuesday the Board of Supervisors heard supporting testimony from residents of Baldwin Hills and nearby communities to consider modifications and enhancements to the existing Baldwin Hills Community Standards District (“CSD”) ordinance, which oversees oil drilling in Baldwin Hills.

Speakers: Scott Malsin, Gary Silbiger, Rebecca Bernal, Angus Alexander, Martin Schlageter, Zoe Rawson, Grace Elliott, Ken Kutchner

Speakers: Sandra Hamlat, Damon Nagami, Eddie Jones, Dr. Clyde Williams, Sally Hampton, Gwendolyn Flynn, Dr. Khin Khin Gyi, Kaypers Jackson

Speakers: Damien Goodmon and Gary Gless

Finally, Supervisor Ridley-Thomas thanked the stakeholders for their testimony and then asked the Board of Supervisors for their unanimous vote in favor of the motion to consider modifications and enhancements to the existing Baldwin Hills Community Standards District (“CSD”) ordinance. The Board voted 5-0 in favor of the motion.

Read the motion
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