Interactive Map of Federal Stimulus Dollars in California

LA County Stimulus

The California Recovery Task Force today announced a new feature on its website,, which allows Californians to map where money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is being spent across California and identify the projects in their area.

To view a map of California showing a breakdown of spending on projects by County, Congressional District, Assembly District, and Senate District, click here. The current map shows data for the first quarter of this year, with the second quarter data to be added in the upcoming weeks. This is an excellent resource to see how many federal dollars have been brought to your area through this stimulus program.

County Map Updates Now On Twitter

A new Twitter account launched recently by the Los Angeles County Public Works Department is helping to put residents on the map – literally.

Followers of LACoSurveyor will be able to receive daily updates on tract map and parcel map recordations throughout Los Angeles County, including the unincorporated areas and all 88 cities.

In addition, LACoSurveyor will also provide other land surveying and development-related tweets covering a variety of industry topics, such as proposed legislation or policy changes, and updated subdivision processing guidelines.

Dennis Hunter, Assistant Deputy Director in the Department’s Land Development Division, said the new Twitter account has already proven popular with followers.

“The creation of new lots and parcels for sale, lease or financing is a good indicator of economic recovery,” Hunter said. “By visiting LACoSurveyor, you can monitor economic trends and see how many new subdivision maps are being recorded on a daily and weekly basis.”

Digital copies of subdivision maps are available for download from the Public Works website at where you can also find links to other web pages for additional County subdivision and survey-related information.

Hunter said LACoSurveyor was also expected to further cut Department operating costs by expanding the existing online content and reducing the need for customers to visit Public Works facilities in person for survey-related records.

To follow LACoSurveyor, visit

$2.3 Million In Economic Stimulus Transportation Funds Announced

Los Angeles County Supervisors Don Knabe (4th District), Chair of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Gloria Molina (1st District), Vice Chair of the Board and Ridley-Thomas (2nd District), jointly announce approval of $2.3 million in Federal Economic Stimulus projects in the County’s unincorporated areas in the First, Second and Fourth Districts. These projects are part of the first group of projects in the region to be funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), and include resurfacing and improvements on:

Hooper Avenue from Firestone Boulevard to south of 58th Drive, Florence-Firestone (Second District)

Public Works will deliver 19 transportation infrastructure projects throughout the County using over $46 million of ARRA funds. Public Works is actively seeking small businesses and community based enterprises to bid on contracts for this and future ARRA Stimulus projects.

County businesses seeking more information regarding these and future ARRA Stimulus projects may visit the Public Works Business Outreach website at

This project will be advertised for construction bids early next month.

VIDEO: Compton Airport Getting $8 Million in Stimulus Funds

Fox Business News reporter: “You had to go through some pretty grueling processes to get this [stimulus] money?”

Richard Smith of L.A. County Public Works: “That’s true. The process started long before the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was enacted. And it is primarily do to the cooperation and support we received from County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas that helped us get through that process”.