Achieving the Vision: Healthcare Options for Los Angeles County

Report Provides New Vision for L.A. County Healthcare Safety Net; Emphasis on Financial Sustainability and Quality Improvement

The Reopening of Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital a Focus of the Report

A new report (PDF) released today by the Los Angeles Healthcare Options Task Force recommends that L.A. County should form a Healthcare Planning Commission to capitalize upon imminent opportunities to improve the quality of care and financial stability of the county healthcare safety-net system. The report lays out a vision of a reengineered safety net of health services for the residents of Los Angeles County.

“The unfortunate realities of the economic downturn mean that business as usual in healthcare simply cannot be sustained,” said Woodrow A. Myers, MD, MBA, Managing Director, Myers Ventures, LLC, who also serves as the chair of the Los Angeles Healthcare Options Task Force. “The integrated healthcare delivery model the Task Force has put forth is not just a wish list, it is a fiscal imperative.”

The Task Force – comprised of local prominent leaders in healthcare, public health, business and labor – included a focus on South L.A. and the reopening of Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital, a critical part of the safety net in LA.

“MLK Hospital must be embedded in a strong countywide system in order to be successful,” added Myers.

The report not only presents a vision for a high-quality, financially sound public safety-net healthcare delivery system supported by public-private partnerships, but also provides recommendations for turning the vision into a reality.

“I commend the Los Angeles Healthcare Options Taskforce for the development of this comprehensive vision for transforming the Los Angeles County healthcare safety-net system,” said Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, 2nd district. “In response, I am moving forward with a motion to have the County CEO and the Acting Director of the Department of Health Services report back to the Board of Supervisors in 60 days on the extent to which any of the recommendations in the report should be implemented.”

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