Enter Street Naming Contest for Martin Luther King, Jr. Medical Campus

Martin Luther King, Jr. Medical Campus, is a place of healing and wellness – a campus that provides state of the art inpatient and outpatient healthcare, recuperative care for our homeless community members, and soon to add, state of the art mental healthcare. In addition to mental health urgent care services, the center will provide inpatient and outpatient mental healthcare and substance abuse prevention services, urgent care and primary care centers for health services along with additional supportive services.

Last year, the Office of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas encouraged it’s Second District constituents to participate in a contest to name the street leading to the Martin Luther King Community Hospital. The winning name – Healthy Way – now leads those seeking care to the hospital and the outpatient Center. The driveway at the entrance of the Medical Campus to the Behavioral Health Center from Wilmington Avenue is currently named E. 118th Place.


Contest Details:

This year we invite our constituents to participate in a brand-new street naming contest! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive a cash price of either $50, $100, or $200. In addition, the 1st place winner will be invited to the opening of the Behavioral Health Center, where we will hold a ceremony to commemorate the event.

To enter, please submit your entry here with the street name you think fits best. Participants will have until midnight on Friday, September 4th to complete their submissions. Please note that there is a limited number of 3 entries per person.

Voting/Determining a winner:

The Office of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas’ staff and the Empowerment Congress Leadership Committee will be charged with choosing the top 6 entries. From that selection, the Supervisor will pick the top 3 entries which will be once again be voted on by the Second District constituents through our website and via social media to select the final name.

** Disclaimer: Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas staff and the Empowerment Congress Leadership Committee will not be allowed to participate in the contest. **