Lennox is Ready for its $6 Million Street Makeover

The days of driving through bumpy roads and dodging pot holes in the eastern portion of Lennox are coming to an end. Crews from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works will soon begin an extensive street make-over on 105th Street and the residential streets in Lennox.

As part of the project, the Department of Public Works will repave dilapidated streets, remove and replace trees that are obstructing street lights or overlapping sidewalks, and repair sidewalks, curbs, gutters and driveways that have been damaged as a result of overgrown tree roots. The street upgrade comes after Lennox residents turned to Board of Supervisors Chairman Mark Ridley-Thomas, and the Department of Public Works, seeking help for an issue that for years has seriously impacted the quality of life in the South Bay city.

Twenty-one year Lennox resident Yolanda Herrera is looking forward to the improvements coming to her neighborhood. “I’m very happy,” said Herrera. “It’s about time they fix the streets.”

Herrera learned of the improvements from a community meeting held by Chairman Mark Ridley-Thomas back in December. She joins other Lennox community residents, such as 27-year-old Cesar Garcia, who are thrilled about the project.

“I would like to see wider streets but I certainly welcome the improvement,” said Garcia.

The street improvements are scheduled to begin the summer of 2014 and will occur East of Hawthorne Boulevard between 104th and 11th Street. Additional details about the street improvement project will be discussed at the next community meeting tentatively scheduled to occur this fall. For additional information about this project, please contact the Department of Public Works at: (626) 458-5152.

The Lennox street make-over is estimated to be completed in the fall of 2014.