Statement on LA County’s Economic Resiliency Task Force

“The events of this past week, and underlying tensions, have made the work of the Economic Resiliency Task Force all that more critical and albeit challenging.

“We must do all that we can to move forward safely but with a sense of urgency and equity to allow businesses to reopen and for employees to return to work.This means also focusing recovery strategies that address the inequities that have been long endured by disadvantaged communities and communities of color. For instance, I am pleased to see that hair salons and barbershops were recently allowed to reopen. It makes a huge difference economically and culturally. Small. Business. Matters.

“Providing a path forward to meaningful employment, family sustaining employment, is necessary if we are to be successful in the work that must be done to restore trust and faith in government at all levels. This work, this Task Force is both timely and critical given our unemployment rate of more than 20%, four percentage points higher than the rate for the State, with projections that our unemployment rate could exceed 30%.

“While there have been jobs losses across the board, the most significant impact has been on low-wage jobs in the retail, food service, entertainment and hospitality sectors. Much of what we witnessed this past weekend was a reflection of the disparity that exists in communities of color.

“However, here, is where we have a duty, and opportunity, to take advantage of growth sectors and new markets created by a post-COVID reality. Manufacturing will be looked at with renewed interest as we consider onshoring many operations that moved overseas in search of cheaper labor. Bioscience is expected to see significant new investment. We must expand training opportunities to make sure Angelenos are equipped to take advantage of the opportunities this sector has to offer.

“There is a bright future ahead for Los Angeles, and that future that begins here with all of us working together for greater prosperity that is shared by all the residents of LA County. That future begins here with all of us working together for greater prosperity by ALL.”