Statement on Governor’s Tour of Homeless Services in Los Angeles

Statement from Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas on Governor Gavin Newsom’s Tour of Homeless Services in Los Angeles

“I am pleased to partner with a Governor who doesn’t just talk the talk – but walks the walk.

“Governor Newsom has called this for what it is – a state of emergency – and he is getting a first-hand sense of what Californians struggling with poverty and mental illness are contending with each and every day. With his executive orders and allocation of unprecedented resources, he is mounting an urgent response. The reality may be daunting, but our future doesn’t have to be.

“We know what works. Los Angeles County established a flexible housing subsidy to support our most vulnerable residents, and it has proven to be much more affordable and effective than watching homeless Angelenos cycle in and out of emergency rooms or jails. I am pleased to see Governor Newsom taking this Los Angeles County model and proposing that it be scaled up in all corners of the State.

“Now is the time to roll up our sleeves, shore up existing resources, and advance a response driven by the ingenuity and urgency this crisis deserves.

“That is why, earlier today, I introduced a motion that will be considered by the Board of Supervisors next Tuesday, January 21st, to utilize the Comprehensive Crisis Response Strategy that the Council of Regional Homeless Advisors shared with the Governor yesterday, and prepare a plan that will hold Los Angeles County – in partnership with the State – accountable for ensuring shelter or housing for all those ready to receive such services.”