Statement from Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas on Governor Gavin Newsom’s New Executive Orders and Budget Proposals to Address Homelessness

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and Governor Gavin Newsom in downtown Los Angeles’ Skid Row t0 discuss ways to address the crisis of homelessness (file photo).

“What a relief to have a Governor who recognizes that our homeless crisis is not going to go away on its own. Our Golden State – the fifth largest economy in the world – has for far too long not been golden for everyone. The Governor recognizes this for what it is – an undeniable emergency – and is showing that he can bring to bear both ingenuity and prudence to right the course of our State’s history.

“He is using his unique authority to propose Executive Orders that will harness the State’s real estate and human capital in ways never proposed before to confront this humanitarian crisis – along with the funding to back it up.

“We are standing on the precipice of the comprehensive crisis response we have long been calling for and desperately need.

“When the Governor appointed me to co-chair his Council of Regional Homeless Advisors, I knew he meant business. And I am pleased that the work we have done and continue to do has helped lay the foundation for this response. And we are not done yet.”