Statement by Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas on the Supreme Court DACA Decision

Supreme Court of the United States


“Today’s 5-4 Supreme Court’s ruling pushes forward the hopes and dreams of more than 700,000 young immigrants throughout the nation, and approximately 85,000 DACA recipients here in Los Angeles County. It reminds us once again of the importance of the checks and balances that have guided our democracy, especially in the face of an administration that has continually attacked a community that is so vital to every facet of our country. Which is why I requested that LA County file an amicus brief, supporting our state’s lawsuit challenging the federal government actions to rescind DACA. Those who are American in every sense of the word deserve our support.

“However, even with today’s positive news, we must not let our guard down. Now, more than ever, we must be resolved to keep fighting on behalf of our immigrant communities and those who have relied on DACA for their livelihood and peace of mind. The contributions DACA recipients are making to our nation and county are immeasurable. The economic and human stakes are too high — they deserve and will have our continued support.”