The State Steps Up on Homelessness

Statement by Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas on the Creation of a Statewide Commission on Homelessness and Affordable Housing


“I applaud Governor Gavin Newsom for creating the Commission on Homelessness and Affordable Housing and enabling the State of California to have a larger role in tackling the defining civic and moral crises of our time.

“Los Angeles County is the epicenter of these crises, accounting for about 40 percent of the state’s homeless population. Almost exactly two years ago, we took the unprecedented step of declaring a state of emergency and placing Measure H on the ballot. This initiative has now taken tens of thousands of people off the streets and into housing, and prevented many more of our neighbors from falling into homelessness.

“Given the dire shortage of affordable housing, however, the situation remains tenuous. I applaud the Governor for stepping up to the plate, and I look forward to working with Mayor Darrell Steinberg and the Commission to continue developing innovative and effective strategies to address homelessness.”