Slauson Corridor Revitalization Update

Supervisor Ridley-Thomas and representatives of the County’s Department of Public Works met with Slauson residents to provided an update on the Supervisor’s unique website public opinion poll. The poll attracted more than 800 responses from concerned community members. Using his website as an access point, the Supervisor presented eight alternatives to the community including written materials and diagrams describing the features of each. Community members were invited to express preferences among the various possibilities. The fundamental differences between the alternatives were over the number of traffic lanes on Slauson Avenue, the width of sidewalks along the Avenue, and provisions for a Class III bicycle lane.

The results of this survey are on the Supervisor’s website. The number one choice was Alterative D-1, which offered 20 foot-wide sidewalks to enhance the pedestrian retail and outdoor restaurant experience along Slauson between Angeles Vista and Overhill.  At the community meeting, there was vigorous public discussion about the survey results. From this discussion came a consensus to move forward with an Environmental Review of five alternatives.  The analysis will study one, two or three through lanes for vehicle traffic, either with or without a bicycle lane — a total of five alternatives.  

 * This option is not necessary; a 20 foot sidewalk leaves sufficient space for the bikeway.

Alternatives with fewer vehicle traffic lanes allow for wider sidewalks and more pedestrian activity, and, conversely, those with more traffic lanes result in narrower sidewalks. The Environmental Review will study automobile traffic levels of service for each of these five alternatives. Once this data is collected, another community meeting will be held to discuss:

a)     accommodating more through traffic for automobiles, and

b)     providing an attractive pedestrian-oriented walking environment with restaurants and retail stores.

The February 22 public meeting also featured remarks by Culver City Councilmember Andy Weissman.  The Councilmember described the careful steps taken by Culver City in the highly successful revitalization of its downtown core. Stay tuned for results of the Environmental Review traffic studies as the Slauson Avenue Improvement Project moves ahead.