Slauson Corridor Project Moves Forward

The residents of View Park, Windsor Hills and Ladera Heights, have long wanted to give the Slauson corridor, which runs from Angeles Vista Boulevard to La Brea Avenue, a facelift that would make it as appealing as the neighborhoods surrounding the thoroughfare. To that end, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Chairman Mark Ridley-Thomas has spearheaded the Slauson Corridor Revitalization Project, an undertaking that will make the area more pedestrian friendly and help it become an attractive destination for local merchants and community residents.

Over the past few months, progress has been made on the project plans. By partnering with the County of Los Angeles Community Development Commission, the Department of Public Works and the Los Angeles County Arts Commission,  a comprehensive streetscape improvement plan and a business revitalization program are soon coming to that area.

Here is an update:

  • Streetscape Improvements: After additional community feedback and analysis, it was decided that the three travel lanes in each direction on Slauson Avenue will remain. This will allow meaningful improvements to be done quickly and cost-effectively, while minimizing traffic impacts. Substantial improvements, including a bicycle route, raised landscaped medians, pedestrian lighting, and improvements to the parkway including benches and landscaping, will be made in order to improve the public right-of-way and create a pedestrian-friendly environment.  Public Works has selected a consultant, KOA Corporation, to design the project and will hold a meeting in early 2014 to obtain input from the community regarding the style and types of parkway improvements.
  • Community Business Revitalization Program: More than half a million dollars have been allocated Community Business Revitalization Program for small business owners on the south side of the street to make improvements to their facades. The businesses will receive new paint, window and awning replacement, extra lighting and improved signage. While the opportunity was offered to the business owners on the north side of the street, they declined to participate. The program is entirely funded with grants, and the improvements are set to begin early next year.