Second District Equipment Request Guidelines and Procedures


The Second District continuously receives requests to provide tables, chairs, canopies, and various other equipment for special events hosted by community-based organizations, elected officials, and County departments. The purpose of these guidelines is to facilitate the process for requesting equipment and provide an understanding of the review process for each request.

Groups that wish to receive equipment from the Second District must submit an online application and agree to comply with the Guidelines and other restrictions on the use of public funds.

The equipment provided is the property of the County of Los Angeles Internal Services Department (ISD) and must be returned. The Second District budget is billed for the use and set-up of this equipment. Equipment that is not owned by ISD must be rented by the County and typically results in a higher cost to the Second District for use and set-up.

Due to the volume of requests received, the Second District cannot accommodate all requests for equipment. Each submission, however, will be given careful and due consideration, and a follow-up response will be provided within 10 days of receipt of the online submission.



  • Equipment is provided as a courtesy of Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas to support organizations within the Second Supervisorial District.
  • Requests for equipment must be submitted to the office at least 10 weeks in advance of the date that the equipment is needed.
  • Equipment is only provided to non-sectarian, Internal Revenue Code 501 ( c) non-profit organizations within the Second District.
  • Equipment will only be approved once per year per organization.
  • Equipment requested for an individual or private event will not be considered.
  • Equipment requested by a private school or faith-based organization will not be considered.
  • Equipment cannot be used at an event promoting a particular religion or religious belief.



Process for Review:

Upon receipt of the request:


  1. An email confirmation will be sent.
  2. The organization will be contacted within 10 days of receipt of the request. If you do not receive confirmation, please call Cathey Hunter at 213-974-2222.
  3. Second District staff will request that ISD provide a cost estimate for the equipment.
  4. The request and cost estimate will be reviewed and the requestor will be notified of approval or denial.
  5. Due to the high volume of requests, the Supervisor’s office may not be able to accommodate your request even if the criteria outlined are met.
  6. The Supervisor’s office reserves the right to decline any request for equipment.


 *Please Note: This is not the appropriate method to invite the Supervisor to your event. To invite the Supervisor, please use this CONTACT form.


Equipment Request Form