Recognizing Essential Workers in the Second District

Sylvia Lachapelle: Vermont Corridor

Last week’s installment of the Second District essential workers series recognized Refugio Rivas who works on the Park to Playa Project This one is dedicated to Sylvia Lachapalle who is working on the Vermont Corridor Project.

Spotlight on the Vermont Corridor: This project is a multi-phased mixed-use Koreatown development that includes a 21-story tower. The project will eliminate the existing blight along this stretch of Vermont Avenue and is a short walk from the Metro Vermont/Wilshire Red Line Station.

The new tower located at 510 South Vermont Avenue will be the headquarters for the Los Angeles County Departments of Mental Health (DMH) and Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services (WDACS), and will have mental health services available to the community on the ground level of the building.

The other phases of this project include a 72-unit affordable senior housing project located at 433 South Vermont and currently under construction. The senior housing project includes a 12,500 SF community center that will be operated by the YMCA.  Both projects are on schedule to open in 2021.

Vermont Corridor Project

The final phase of the project involves the adaptive reuse of the County-owned building located adjacent to the new tower into 172 units of market-rate housing. Construction of this final phase will commence once the new tower is completed and DMH has moved into their new headquarters.

Meet Sylvia Lachapelle. Sylvia is from the Hyde Park neighborhood of South Los Angeles. She attended Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATCC) where she studied Electronics Communications — she is a sound and communications apprentice for Morrow-Meadows Corporation which is a full-service electrical contracting company based in Los Angeles.

Sylvia has been working on this project since February of this year, and her responsibility is to tests CCTV, cameras, and telecom cable connections.  She has also worked on other local projects, one at LAX and another one at Metro.

Sylvia’s Perspective: “The Vermont Corridor Project will give the community a positive outlet to support the restless and the homeless and get them the help they need,” she said.

A typical day for Sylvia: Most of Sylvia’s time is spent learning to read blueprints, determining pathway, pulling cable, connecting cable with connector or jacks, testing, and troubleshooting.

Sylvia takes pride in being an essential worker because she is building a safer community. “Do the job right the first time and it won’t be repeated!” she said.