Ramping Up Healthcare in South LA

Lynwood Clinic Dedication Ceremony

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas meets one of the youngest patients at Eisner Pediatric & Family Medical Center in Lynwood

Thousands of families across South Los Angeles now have better access to healthcare, thanks to the new Eisner Pediatric and Family Medical Center that recently opened in Lynwood.


Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas with Eisner President and CEO Herb Schultz

“We don’t turn people away, whether or not they have the ability to pay,” Eisner President and CEO Herb Schultz said during the clinic’s recent dedication ceremony. “We want to help individuals from birth until their later years with their healthcare needs.”

Located at 3660 E. Imperial Highway, the clinic offers comprehensive medical, dental, mental health and case management services in a new 7,200 sq. ft. building that previously housed only a small private practice. It currently has nine examination rooms, two procedure rooms and two dental suites, but is adding more.

With the expansion, the number of patients will grow in number from 1,000 to 4,000 – but that’s just the beginning. The location has the physical capacity to eventually serve as many as 13,000 patients.

The clinic will also provide case management services, linking patients with county departments and community providers who can help them secure food, housing, transportation, legal aid, and other necessities.

“This clinic brings healthcare and other services where they’re most needed, ” Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas said, noting this part of Los Angeles County has a high concentration of health concerns – from asthma to diabetes to heart disease – and a low concentration of health providers.

HS5_4934That scenario, however, is about to change, and not just because of the new clinic. This summer, Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital is poised to open in Willowbrook, replacing King/Drew Medical Center which has been closed for the last eight years.

Eisner will have a role at MLK, providing labor and delivery doctors and nurses for the new hospital, which is part of a sprawling campus that includes an outpatient center, public health clinic, psychiatric urgent care center and recuperative care center, among other facilities.

“Preventive healthcare is coming to this part of the county in a significant way,” Supervisor Ridley-Thomas said. “This clinic and the MLK Medical Campus are poised to bring our residents first-rate health care and services that are needed.”