Key Step Forward in Providing Rail Connection to LAX

Los Angeles World Airports, the operator of LAX, on Monday proposed options for connecting the Crenshaw public transit rail line to the airport. LAWA’s proposal would link airport terminals to Metro’s Crenshaw and Green lines with an “automated people mover” similar to those used in airports such as San Francisco and Newark, New Jersey. The automated people mover would travel on a fixed guideway clear of traffic from other vehicles. Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Chairman Mark Ridley-Thomas called the proposal “a great step forward. We now have concrete options to choose from, all of which will provide the rail link for which we’ve waited so long,” he said.

The precise location of the link to the rail lines has yet to be determined, but LAWA has identified three possible sites. One would be at the future Century/Aviation Crenshaw line station, two others would be at the east end of the current Central Terminal Area and at the current Economy Parking Lot C.

The Crenshaw rail line is scheduled to open in 2019, and LAWA officials say they will temporarily run buses on a fixed guideway as the automated people mover is being constructed. “It is vital we move swiftly,” said Chairman Ridley-Thomas. “The Crenshaw rail line is scheduled to open in 2019, and we need to be well on our way to ensure the airport connection is not further delayed. We must not repeat the frustrating experience of the Green Line, which now leaves passengers so close, yet so far away from a viable airport transit connection.”