Officials affirm DCFS support for parents in crisis

Los Angeles Police Commission President Andrea Ordin and LAPD South Bureau Commander Bill Scott joined Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and County Dept. of Children and Family Services Director Philip Browning on September 7 to assure the public the death of Alesia Thomas in LAPD custody will be thoroughly investigated, and parents in trying circumstances must feel safe bringing their children to authorities.

On July 22, Alesia Thomas left her two children at the LAPD Southeast station, saying she could not care for them, according to the LAPD. She later died in a squad car after struggling with officers who had gone to her home to arrest her for child endangerment.

DCFS director Browning emphasized parents in distress should call the DCFS hotline, 1-800-540-4000.

Police Commission President Ordin and Commander Scott pledged the actions leading to Alesia Thomas’ death are being investigated fully.

Supervisor Ridley-Thomas told reporters at the Vermont Corridor DCFS office that “anytime an incident like this takes place it is not simply a matter of investigation it is a matter of review of policy to make sure that whatever factors might have contributed to the tragic results are not repeated.”

“Our objective is to make sure no one who needs the services they are entitled to are fearful of taking advantage of them because of this tragic event. Our job is to make sure such tragic events are not repeated,” he said.