Message from MRT, February 2013

Welcome to the February edition of the Second District Newsletter. The national recognition of Black History Month is underway, during which we recognize the accomplishments and sacrifices of African Americans that have enriched our daily lives and the wellbeing of our nation. By a fortunate coincidence, the 100th anniversary of Rosa Parks’ birthday also takes place this month. To mark the occasion, the U.S. Postal Service has issued a beautiful stamp; I already have mine, and I encourage you to get yours too.

As a nation we recently celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, but now comes another important commemoration: the 16th annual Season for Nonviolence. The Season, marked by the 64 days between the assassinations of Mohandas Gandhi on January 30th and Dr. King, on April 4th, is a time for us to remember not just their births or their deaths, but their teachings as we strive to live in harmony with one another.

To that end, tackling the issue of gun violence remains an urgent matter. I’ve been weighing in on the debate, and now I invite you to do so as well, by leaving a comment on our piece called Perspectives on Gun Violence. I’ll be interested to hear from you.

In addition to these weighty issues, we also have some very enjoyable news. Learn about our new public fruit park, a wonderful venture undertaken with the artists collective Fallen Fruit, which we opened recently in Del Aire. Also, see how young people in South Los Angeles are discovering the relevance of Shakespeare to their lives, and our ongoing architecture project, which features landmarks and treasures in the Second District, this month extols the Stealth Building, by Culver City’s very own Eric Owen Moss.

With hope,