Meet Me @Metro

Don’t be surprised if you happen to visit a Metropolitan Transit Authority Station and run into costumed performers, playing polka music and dancing around with 14-foot puppets; it’s all part of Watts Village Theater Company’s third annual Meet Me @Metro: Uncovering Los Angeles’ Hidden Treasures!

As it has done for the past two years, the Watts Village Theater Company’s Meet Me @Metro will fuse performance art in public spaces with public transportation. One of the company’s goals is to bring theatrical performances to unsuspecting transit riders aboard and around Metro rail stations. Artists will play musical archaeologist who use theatrics to help passengers uncover the artistic contributions made by Native-American, Asian-American, Latino, Hispanic, and Chicano communities to Los Angeles’ cultural and artistic tapestry. This year Meet Me @Metro is taking its performances to the Gold Line and will perform from Union Station to East Los Angeles and back.

The program was created after the company realized some of its teen performers had never traveled outside a ten mile radius of their community. Meet Me @Metro is designed not just to entertain Metro riders, but also to expose Watts residents to the outer world and the outer world to Watts.

Year after year, the theater company continues to challenge itself by bringing theater to people at Metro stations in new and unexpected ways, continuing its mission to create an enjoyable and artistic transit experience for the public.

Meet Me @Metro’s third installment will run on Aug. 25-26 and Sept. 1-2 at 11 a.m. and 12 p.m.



About the Watts Village Theater Company

Actor and Watts community activist Quentin Drew and actor/playwright Lynn Manning founded Watts Village Theater Company (WVTC) in 1996. Their mission was to promote literacy and self-empowerment among youth living in Watts by conducting acting and performance workshops for at-risk youth living in Watts housing projects. That mission expanded in May 2010, when Watts Village Theater Company launched Meet Me @Metro, a compilation of theatrical performances by artists aboard and around Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) rail stations.

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