Los Angeles County in numbers

Los Angeles County is a vast, dynamic and diverse region. If the County were its own country, it would have the 20th largest economy totaling more than $500 billion annually. Our economy is larger than those of Poland, Belgium, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and Norway. Our region is the world’s top manufacturing capital and creative capital employing more than 4,900,000 people.   It also ranks first in international trade.  From producing satellites to spaceships and from manufacturing designer jeans to designing cars, it all happens here.

The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), a non-profit organization that was created by the L.A. County Board of Supervisors to promote economic development in the region, produced the following infographic to promote Los Angeles County’s diverse industry sectors and the businesses and communities working to make our region a global leader in the 21st Century economy.

Here are some fast facts about Los Angeles County:

  • Los Angeles County is a region that spans 4,083 square miles.
  • Los Angeles County is the nation’s most diverse and populous county.
  • There are nearly 10,000,000 people living in the County.
  • If Los angeles County were a state, it would have the 20th largest economy.

With millions of Americans suffering from economic hardship, Los Angeles provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, businesses, and County residents to pursue their dreams.