The Link Is Coming to Culver City and Baldwin Hills

Be on the lookout for the playfully designed green and blue mini-buses traversing along the Culver City and Baldwin Hills.

Starting on Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial weekend, the Link’s latest route will run on a 20 minute loop from the La Cienega Exposition line light rail station to the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook and the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area on weekends only. For only 25 cents a ride, the shuttle allows more county residents to enjoy these great recreational and urban park amenities.

“The Link – Baldwin Hills Parklands will allow people to hike and enjoy the most beautiful urban parks in the region, without having to worry about finding or paying for a parking space,” said Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Chairman Mark Ridley-Thomas.

Los Angeles County has a larger transit area than any other county in the world and a web of communities that need to be connected. In such a sprawling region, where a 50-year-old highway construction program has dominated the landscape, alternative and more affordable modes of transportation must be adopted. While Los Angeles has seen the levels of certain vehicle-related pollutants drop by 98% since the 1960s, any Los Angeles commuter can attest that traffic is still a problem.

To reduce congestion and the hassles of gridlock, Chairman Ridley-Thomas has pioneered the Link as a simple solution for commuters to travel the “final mile” of their destinations. Currently, there are six Link routes in the Second District: Florence/Firestone, Lennox, Athens, Baldwin Hills and two in Willowbrook.

Operated by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, the Link shuttle has been popular with residents and has helped to improve air quality around our region. The award winning firm Sussman/Prejza designed the Link shuttles in eye-catching graphics that distinguish them from any other county bus.

“Easing congestion is an important element toward giving our residents a better quality of life,” said Chairman Ridley-Thomas. “I am committed to finding creative solutions to our challenges and to making the Second District and the Los Angeles region an easier place to navigate.”