LA County Will Monitor Oil Drilling Activities

The oil pump

Hoping to reduce misinformation and continue monitoring oil drilling activities, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has asked for a detailed inventory of all oil fields currently operating within the jurisdiction of the County of Los Angeles.

The report, which is due back to the board by late fall, will be conducted by the Department of Regional Planning in consultation with the Department of Public Health and is expected to provide recommendations on a strategy to ensure optimal, appropriate and consistent regulation of these facilities.

In addition, the Board directed county representatives to advocate for statewide legislation to fund continued studies on the potential environmental and health impacts associated with oil and gas production activities.

“The Inglewood Oil Field has more protections than other oil fields in the State,” said Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, who co-authored the motion with Supervisor Hilda Solis. “However, we must ensure that adequate protections continue at Inglewood Oil Field and that other fields in cities and unincorporated areas throughout the County are monitored and are safely operated.”

Additional information, such as a comprehensive peer-reviewed community health assessment, a study of the impacts of hydraulic fracking, as well as a multi-year long air quality monitoring study of the perimeter of the Inglewood Oil Field, has been completed and finds no significant health or environmental impacts that could be correlated with drilling activities. These documents and other required reports can be reviewed at