Health summit combats grim nutritional habits

Statistics from the County Department of Public Health paint a grim picture of nutritional habits in the Second District. Adults in the Second District eat fewer fruits and vegetables than adults elsewhere in the County. The Second District also has the highest number of children who are overweight by the time they reach the fifth, seventh and ninth grades, with more than half of all children drinking at least one soda a day.

Since taking office, Supervisor Ridley-Thomas has made it a priority to empower County residents and the 100,000 persons the County employs to make healthier nutrition choices. Under his leadership, the County created healthy options in vending machines and ensures all County food procurement and concession contracts promote healthy nutrition. Many of these initiatives also involve creative partnerships with private and public agencies.

In early March, the Supervisor convened mayors, city councilmembers, city managers, and directors of parks from around the district for a health leadership summit. The goal was to help municipalities share their best practices on ways to improve the community’s health. City leaders heard from local experts about policy options that promote physical activity and increase access to healthy foods. Councilwoman Marlen Garcia, from the City of Baldwin Park, spoke about her city’s successful efforts to create safe places to exercise. Lastly, the Supervisor encouraged the leaders to continue to think creatively about promoting nutrition.

[pullquote_right] “Together, we can improve the health and wellness of our community.” [/pullquote_right]Ridley-Thomas’ message was clear. “We need to make obesity prevention and health promotion a priority for the residents of the Second District. Together, we can improve the health and wellness of our community.”

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