Head Start for Young Minds

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Head Start providers throughout Los Angeles County are looking for eligible children and families to enroll in their free educational program that serves children under the age of five and prepares them to enter kindergarten.

In addition to education services, Head Start programs provide children and their families with health, nutrition, social, and other services. These programs also encourage parent participation and stress the importance of parents as their child’s first and most important teachers. Studies have shown that children who attend pre-school do better in their educational careers and go on to enjoy more productive lives than those who do not. For younger children, there is Early Head Start, a program for children under the age of three,  which also serves pregnant women, infants, and toddlers and is available until the child turns three and is ready to transition into Head Start or another pre-K program.

Head Start programs began in the summer of 1965 as part of President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty, while Early Head Start was added in 1994. Since its founding, the program has served more than 30 million children nationwide.  For more information, or to find the nearest Head Start program near you, call 1-877-PRE-K-Kid (1-877-773-5543) or visit www.prekkid.org.

Head Start services include:

  • Education – Head Start helps get your child ready for school. With educational activities that fit with your culture and language, your child will learn in the way that is best for them.
  • Family Services – Head Start staff works with you to create family goals and make a plan to meet those goals.  They help you find resources in your community.
  • Health Services – Medical and dental health is vital to your child’s success and we make getting the care they need a priority.   Head Start staff will work with you to make sure they receive regular medical and dental check-ups and connect your family to free or affordable resources.
  • Nutrition – Eating well fuels growing minds and bodies!  Head Start provides healthy meals and snacks, and evaluates each student’s nutritional needs.  Head Start staff works with families to encourage healthy choices and provide resources for home.
  • Special Needs – Head Start staff screens every child to understand their unique needs. Children with special needs are included in all activities, and staff will help connect families to the resources that can best support their children.