Happy Earth Day

While the 50th celebration of Earth Day may look a little different than previous ones, there is no wrong time or place to celebrate this important day. Here are a couple ideas on how you can stay, educated, engaged and empowered to do your part to celebrate mother earth, today and every day!

Get Educated by reading Los Angeles County’s Sustainability Plan – and let us know what areas you think should be areas of focus.

  • Education is important, especially when it comes to mother earth. Read, learn and understand how you can help to protect the environment. Our County sustainability plan, outlines an inclusive vision for the future balancing the co-equal values of environment, equity & economy.

Get Engaged by participating in one of the thousands of virtual earth day events happening all over the globe.

  • Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Many individuals celebrate by recycling, saving energy, observing nature and practicing environmental stewardship.

Get Empowered by instituting some of these strategies to live a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly life.

  • Reduce household energy use. Ex: Turn off appliances and lights that you’re not using.
  • Eat Locally
  • Dispose with disposables.
  • Resell and donate items
  • Save water
  • Rely less on your car
  • Purchase fair-trade products
  • Drink from the tap
  • Plant seeds
  • Recycle