Culver City and Farmdale Metro stations now open to the public

The Culver City and Farmdale stations along Metro’s recently opened Expo Line opened to the public on Wednesday, June 20. To mark the occasion, patrons boarding trains at the two newly opened stops received free passes to use the Expo line for the entire day. Line 1 travels from Washington/Landmark near the front of the Culver City Station, westward to downtown Culver City, onward to Venice Beach, and returns eastward to the West LA Transit Center along Washington Blvd. Line 1 buses operate seven days a week and connects with the station approximately every 15 minutes during peak hours with an operating day lasting from 5:40 a.m. – 11:30 p.m. Line 7 will travel from the Robertson Transit Hub, adjacent to the Culver City Station, to downtown Culver City and Marina Del Rey; it operates Monday-Friday with trial 30-minute headways during the extended hours of 6:00a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Both Phase I and II of the Metro Expo Line are being built by the Exposition Metro Line Construction Authority. Once completed, they are turned over to Metro to operate.

According to Metro, by 2020, approximately 27,000 passengers will ride Phase 1 each week day. Phase 1 will connect to Phase 2 of the Expo Line in 2016. Phase 2 will run from Culver City to Santa Monica. Once completed, the 15.2 mile Expo Line will give commuters the option of traveling from downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica by rail, creating an alternative to driving through the congested Santa Monica Freeway (I-10). Metro staff estimates that by 2030, approximately 64,000 passengers will ride the Expo Transit Line each week day, making it one of the most heavily used light rail lines in the country. Aside from connecting communities on the Westside to downtown Los Angeles, the Expo Line is expected to shorten commutes, lower greenhouse gas emissions from cars, provide fast and reliable public transportation services and increase the number of commuters who use the public transportation in Los Angeles County. For more information about the new Metro Expo Line, visit or