Crenshaw Boulevard: A Greener Space for the Community

The Crenshaw Boulevard Streetscape Plan, designed to go hand in hand with the construction of the Crenshaw-to-LAX rail line, lays out an ambitious vision to transform the look and feel of this historic street from concrete-heavy and car-centric, to “green” and pedestrian friendly.

The plan, which was funded by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority but created by the Los Angeles Department of City Planning, calls for renovations and street beautifications that will stretch for 8.5 miles– from I-10 Freeway to 79th Street – with the aim of supporting vibrant neighborhoods around transit stations, where people can live, work and shop, all within a safe and pleasant walk to transit stations.

Although residents and commuters will experience some inconveniences during the construction of the rail line, which is already underway, there are efforts underway to heed community concerns, including the creation of a small business mitigation plan to help businesses affected by the construction.

For three years now, the Crenshaw Leadership Council as well as the Leimert Park Village Vision Initiative has helped to increase public participation in the process. Community meetings have been held and those who attended have made their voices heard. The green space plan for Crenshaw now will have twice as many trees as there are currently on the street, in addition, street benches, lighting and wider sidewalks will give it a more pedestrian-friendly feel. Camphor Trees, Date Palms, Jacarandas and other tree canopies will line the boulevard in a unified look.

Residents have said that they want to live in a community that is green, walkable and safe, with retail, restaurants and other services for residents, visitors and workers. Special attention will be paid to efforts underway to preserve the unique character and cultural identity of the Leimert Park neighborhood.

The plans for Crenshaw will complement the West Adams-Baldwin Hills-Leimert New Community Plan, which is now moving through the City’s adoption process. For more information please visit: