Congratulatory Letter Request Guidelines and Form

Congratulatory Letter Request Guidelines

Please read the criteria below before submitting the congratulatory request form.


Congratulatory Letters

  • Congratulatory letters are issued by Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas to recognize organizations for their contributions to Los Angeles County.
  • Congratulatory letters are issued to recognize milestone occasions of exceptional significance.
  • Congratulatory letters are only issued to organizations within the Second District of L.A. County or national organizations with local chapters in the Second Supervisorial District.
  • The Supervisor’s office reserves the right to rescind a congratulatory letter if false or misleading information was provided in the application.
  • The Supervisor’s office reserves the right to decline any congratulatory letter request.


Please Note:

Congratulatory letter requests must be submitted two weeks prior to the requested date.

Fill and submit the form:

Congratulatory Letter Request Form