Celebrating the first community garden in Lennox

On Saturday, April 14th, over 100 residents and business owners gathered on the southwest corner of 112th Street and Inglewood Avenue to celebrate the first community garden in Lennox. Attendees of all ages became gardeners. They planted cabbage, corn, and tomatoes on each of the 23 plots of land. Aside from planting the first crop of fruits and vegetables, participants assisted in the planting of twelve new trees, including bougainvillea and jasmine plants. The celebration included composting workshops, sign painting, and food and music.

This occasion was an opportunity for community members to chat with fellow residents, enjoy delicious chicken, beef, and vegetable tacos and listen to rhythmic sounds of salsa and Cumbia music.

A series of meetings informed residents of the community garden project. Gardeners for each 4’ by 12’ plot were chosen randomly from a pool of interested residents at a community meeting in February. The garden beds were constructed by the Los Angeles Conservation Corps. and From Lot to Spot, a local non-profit organization, will be charged with managing the garden. The community garden was a joint effort from the Lennox Community, From Lot to Spot, the Los Angeles Conservation Corps., the Lennox coordinating council, the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation, and Caltrans.