County Needs to Change Hiring Practices

assessmentSupervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas asked the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to consider measures that will establish countywide hiring guidelines and procedures to ensure the job candidate evaluation, hiring and job promotion process is fair and unbiased and that examination materials are secure.

His motion, which will be voted on the first week of March, comes in the wake of a county audit that found the Los Angeles County Fire Department hiring process was marred by cheating on promotional exams, civil service exams for fire captains and tests for driving and emergency medical skills. According to the audit, copies of written and oral exams were left unattended in an unsecured box of paperwork and copies of interview questions and answers were circulated prior to the test.

Ridley-Thomas’ motion asks that hiring procedures include an effective digital, customizable, secure, transparent and cost-effective testing and assessment system that all Los Angeles County departments must use.

“The county must establish fair and uniform recruiting and hiring policies,” said Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, who authored the motion.  “Maintaining and promoting a top-notch workforce is one way we can better serve our 10 million residents.”

While several county departments rely on cutting-edge computer-based assessment tools, including the Department of Human Resources On-Line Testing Program, it is optional and not used countywide. These tools allow departments to find and assess candidates in an efficient, fair and secure way.