Celebrating Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month

Every year, we honor and celebrate Hispanic and Latinx American cultures and communities from mid-September to mid-October. Here in Los Angeles, we must recognize not only the historic contributions of these communities have made to the region, but also their continued cultural and economic contributions that enrich our society, especially as we face a pandemic.

September 15th marks the first day of this month-long celebration to highlight the achievements and ongoing efforts of the Hispanic and Latinx communities. Recognizing that Hispanic and Latinx workers comprise a greater share of the essential workforce that has been instrumental in supporting our economy through such strenuous times, we are amplifying the voices of Hispanic and Latinx essential workers by airing their stories on the radio. We invite you to stay tuned into Mega 96.3 FM radio over the course of the next month to hear these inspiring stories!

Additionally, we will be sharing spotlights on our social media of community leaders, organizations, and businesses who represent the Hispanic and Latinx communities, and make a resoundingly positive impact on Los Angeles County. In difficult times like these, highlighting the people and cultures of these communities reminds us what brings us together in light of tragedies and celebrates what shapes these communities’ cultural identity.

With excitement and appreciation, we are delighted to observe Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month with you all!