Cannabis Emblem Program

As Los Angeles County continues to be concerned about the public health and safety impact of cannabis, the Board of Supervisors sought a report from the County Office of Cannabis Management on the development and implementation of an Emblem Program that would make it easier for consumers to avoid illegal marijuana businesses.

The Board approved a motion by Supervisors Mark Ridley-Thomas and Janice Hahn that could allow the Emblem Program to be implemented countywide, allowing cities to opt in.

Similar to letter grades for restaurants, the Emblem Program would require legitimate cannabis businesses to prominently display a placard on their storefont, indicating they have received all necessary state and local licenses and permits to operate.

“As we continue our careful analysis of cannabis, the issue of public health and safety remains paramount,” Supervisor Ridley-Thomas said. “The Emblem Program will empower consumers to make educated decisions so that they can steer clear of unlicensed businesses that fail to undergo necessary public health and safety inspections, and offer products that are not tracked, inspected or tested for contaminants. The Emblem Program can also potentially reduce the profitability of unlicensed and unregulated cannabis businesses.”

“Creating a recognizable universal emblem is a good idea because it will allow consumers to know which dispensaries are licensed and selling safe products and which ones are not,” Supervisor Hahn added.

Recognizing that the emblem would be most effective if consistent across jurisdictions, state regulators are now considering implementing Los Angeles County’s program across California.