Budget PieOn Tuesday, April 19, 2011, the Board of Supervisors (Board) approved the Chief Executive Officer’s (CEO) Recommended Budget for fiscal year (FY) 2011-12. The Recommended Budget of $23.303B represents a decrease of $941.8M, or 3.9% from the FY 2010-11 Final Adopted Budget, and includes a reduction of 257 budgeted positions from the 101,296 in the current budget. Although the Recommended Budget includes reductions in programs and budgeted positions the County will continue its provision of the most critical services and avoid layoffs for the fourth year in a row.

The budget addresses a $220.9M ongoing net County cost budget gap, the major components of which are programs and operations funded with one-time funds in FY 2010-11 ($262.0M), expiration of Federal Stimulus funding ($63.9M), unavoidable cost increases ($89.0M) in such areas as pensions and health insurance, and public assistance caseload changes in General Relief ($32.7M). These cost increases are offset by anticipated increases in property tax, sales tax, and various other revenues ($78.0M), the retirement of pension obligation bonds ($106.6M), and savings negotiated between labor and management ($42.1M). The combination of these costs and offsets create a total budget gap of $220.9M for FY 2011-12.

The budget gap was addressed with a combination of ongoing curtailments ($35.7M) and one-time bridge funding ($185.2M). FY 2011-12 will be the fourth consecutive year of departmental budget curtailments with departments averaging a 17% reduction over this period, and some departments sustaining reductions in excess of 30%. The CEO’s FY 2011-12 Recommended Budget clearly includes a combination of strategic curtailments and efficiencies to avoid layoffs and utilization of one-time reserves, all while maintaining public safety and other core County operations.

The Assessor is preliminarily forecasting an increase of .7%, or $27.9M, in assessed property valuation for FY 2011-12. A final assessment roll forecast is expected in July 2011. The CEO is also estimating a 5.0% increase in sales tax revenue based on a survey of local economic forecasts and a 3.0% increase in Vehicle License Fees (VLF) from the current year estimate.

It is important to note that the CEO’s Recommended Budget does not include impacts to the County as a result of significant curtailments that will undoubtedly be implemented by the State and Federal governments. To view the CEO’s preliminary assessment of the impact to the County of the Governor’s Proposed FY 2011-12 Budget click here.

Public hearings on the Proposed Budget will begin Wednesday, May 11, 2011. The final budget was presented to the Board for approval on June 20, 2011.


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