Actor George Takei’s testimony urging repeal of Supervisors’ WWII support for Japanese internment

Click here for Supervisor Ridley-Thomas’ Huffington Post article.

Speaking in support of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas’ motion to repeal L.A. County’s World War II-era support for the internment of people of Japanese descent, actor George Takei recalls the day when, as a five-year-old boy, soldiers with bayonets on their rifles banged on the door of his Los Angeles home and herded his family into a waiting truck. The Takeis were then transported, with other Japanese-Americans, to living quarters in a reeking horse stable at Santa Anita race track. Later, after being relocated to a camp in Arkansas, Takei would go to school, study, work and pledge allegiance to the flag from behind barbed wire. Before Takei spoke, Supervisor Ridley-Thomas called repealing the Board of Supervisors’ 1942 resolution a necessary, forward-looking step. In the aftermath of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Los Angeles County’s support for internment fueled public hysteria, and hysteria, the Supervisor said, translated into public policy. It is imperative that the County right this historic wrong today, he said; ignoring unfinished business is to trivialize a national travesty. Video from Takei’s testimony is available below.

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