Noise Relief Coming for Residents Near LAX


For years, residents close to Los Angeles International Airport have had to endure the noise that comes from living near one of the nation’s largest airports. But help is on the way.

Eligible homeowners in Athens, Del Air and Lennox can apply to receive grant funding to minimize airplane noise in their homes. More than $20million will be given by Los Angeles World Airports and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to soundproof 624 homes. Residents located within the boundaries will receive flyers, postcards and will be invited to community meetings to apply.

The project cost covers acoustical, architectural, engineering, construction and administrative activities. Construction contractors typically install double-paned windows, solid-core doors, fireplace doors and dampers, attic baffles, insulation, and other elements to achieve a targeted interior noise level of 45 decibels.

Since the early 1990s, Los Angeles County has operated a sound insulation program with funding from both Los Angeles World Airports and the FAA. To date, a total of $128-million has been allocated to help ease noise burdens for residents.

The grant is in accordance with the LAX Master Plan Stipulated Settlement Agreement reached in February 2006. The agreement calls for LAWA, the Los Angeles City department that owns and operates LAX, to provide up to $22.5-million annually through 2015 to the County of Los Angeles and the cities of El Segundo and Inglewood for noise-mitigation grants.

To report noise issues, residents can call LAX Noise Complaint Line (424) 64-NOISE or .