Metro Board Approves Plan to Help Riders Get Around L.A. County

Temple Bar pedestrian signage in St. Paul’s, London. Photo courtesy of Man Vyi, Wikimedia Commons.

Any traveler or commuter stepping outside the train stations in London, New York City or San Francisco will find  signs posted on street corners, near busy intersections and outside Metro stations to point them in the right direction.

But in L.A. County, there are 88 different cities and 1,000 -square-miles of unincorporated area, each with a different idea on how to direct people to locations as they leave Metro bus and train stations. The lack of consistent signs presents a challenge for public transit users in need of directions. And so, to help visitors and Angelenos find their way around, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board has developed a plan to increase the number of consistent signs and maps around Metro stations.

Beginning in 2015, a $500,000 grant will be available for cities  and unincorporated areas to create a single design that would identify Metro Stations, attractions and landmarks to be placed near Metro stations to help riders reach their final destination. The grant, proposed in a motion by Metro Board Directors Mark Ridley-Thomas, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Santa Monica Mayor Pam O’ Connor, will spur cities to create visible and consistent signage throughout the county.

“We want tourists and L.A. County residents alike to venture throughout the county without confusion,” said Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas.  “We want to ensure public transportation in Los Angeles is accessible, efficient and easy to navigate like other world class cities.”