Improving Community Wellness: To Help Everyone

On a busy stretch off of La Brea Boulevard, Los Angeles residents can walk into a nicely decorated, serene environment that could be mistaken for a spa.

But To Help Everyone (T.H.E.) Health and Wellness medical and dental facility is really a haven for the sick. At the entrance, painted a soft blue, patients are welcomed by the motto decorating a wall: healing the body and raising the spirit.

“People come in here not feeling very well,” Kimmella Collins, an administrator of the facility said at a recent ribbon cutting ceremony. “So we like to make our center inviting and comfortable so at least they can feel a little better.”

Founded in 1974, T.H.E. celebrated their 40th anniversary last year and has seen exponential growth, opening 10 new buildings in the last five years. They have two school-based health centers: Crenshaw High School and Lennox School District. They operate a mobile van at Dorsey High School.

photo“Expansion of new health centers provides a critical opportunity to focus on prevention and community wellness,” said Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, who has long been a supporter of T.H.E.’s health mode. “This approach to healthcare has a very meaningful impact on the future of this community.”

In May, T.H.E. will be opening another new clinic in the Lennox/Hawthorne area. The La Brea Wellness Center is 5,500 sq. ft. with 8 exam rooms and 2 dental chairs.

“I believe that healthcare is a fundamental right not a privilege,” said Senator Holly Mitchell, who also attended the recent ceremony. “We must expand and grow access to services throughout Los Angeles County.”

Added Assemblyman Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, who is now a member of the California State Assembly Committee on Health: “This facility is the citadel of health. We are raising the health IQ of the community.”

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