A new wellness center and community garden come to Fremont High School

A new community garden and Wellness Center are coming to Fremont High School thanks to a partnership with Los Angeles Unified School District, the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust (LANLT) and the University Muslim Medical Association (UMMA) Community Clinic, two community-based non-profits. The community garden and Wellness Center, which will be located on the corner of Avalon Boulevard and 79th Street, will be the first in its area to serve both students and residents in the surrounding community.

Aside from being a place for residents and students to gather their harvest of fresh fruits and vegetables, this one and a half acre project includes a community health center that will provide educational programming, job training opportunities, and direct clinical care to the students and community members in South Los Angeles.

“We’re so delighted to see this long planned project come to life,” said Supervisor Ridley-Thomas. “This wellness center and community garden will provide Fremont High’s 3,200 students and the surrounding community with accessible high quality healthcare in addition to providing sorely needed open space.”

The project is scheduled for completion in November of 2012.

The Neighborhood Land Trust

The Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust (NTL) is the leading non-profit organization working to grow healthier communities through urban parks and gardens in Los Angeles City and County. Founded in 2002, NLT has played an important role in the creation, renovation and opening of nine parks and gardens, seven of which it currently manages and programs. The Neighborhood Land Trust mission is to grow healthier, safer and stronger communities by creating small, accessible urban parks and gardens that help remedy the critical lack of green and recreational spaces in greater Los Angeles’ underserved neighborhoods and to ensure participation and collaboration among low-income residents throughout the process of envisioning, building and managing the parks and gardens created. To learn more about the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust, please visit: http://lanlt.org/

University Muslim Medical Association

The mission of the University Muslim Medical Association (UMMA) is to promote the well-being of the underserved by providing access to high quality healthcare for all, regardless of ability to pay. UMMA envisions itself as part of a larger network of institutions addressing the health and wellbeing of the underserved and indigent, mindful of the cultural, spiritual, social and economic realities that impinge upon them and the traditional barriers to accessing care. UMMA strives to: cultivate and expand a robust network of collaborative relationships with individuals, organizations and institutions among the community at large and pursue opportunities for interaction and understanding between Muslim Americans and people of all other cultural, economic and religious backgrounds. To learn more about the University Muslim Medical Association, please visit:  http://www.ummaclinic.org/the-community/who-we-are

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