Rev. Cecil ‘Chip’ Murray testifies on the Citizens’ Commission on Jail Violence report

Rev. Cecil Murray’s Testimony (October 9, 2012) from Mark Ridley-Thomas on Vimeo.

The Rev. Cecil “Chip” Murray, Vice Chair of the Los Angeles County Citizens’ Commission on Jail Violence, joined Chairwoman Hon. Lourdes G. Baird (Ret.), Executive Director Miriam Krinsky, and commission General Counsel Richard Drooyan, to testify before the Board of Supervisors about the commission’s recent recommendations for eradicating excessive use of force in the County jails. Citing a “clear and persistent pattern of excessive use of force” that spanned years, Murray said: “We know we have a problem. We know we have valid and workable solutions, so ours can no longer be an excuse of not knowing. We can only be faced with a failure of will.” Ongoing vigilance and regular monitoring of the Sheriff Department’s progress, Rev. Murray said, will be required if the commission’s recommendations are to be fully implemented.

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