October 2009


October 30, 2009

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas today thanked Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, a local businessman and philanthropist, for extending a $100 million guaranty to the University of California to provide physician services for the new Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital.

Read more about Dr. Soon-Shiong and the guaranty.

October 6, 2009

At the final public hearing on the Crenshaw/South Bay Transit Corridor, Supervisor Ridley-Thomas made the case for Light Rail Transit (LRT) and urged the community to make their voices heard by attending the Metro Board of Directors meeting on December 10th:

“I want to say this, all of us are prepared to be reasonable. But don’t start skimping and saying what can’t happen when it comes to the rail that goes through the communities in which we live. We have enough of that and if it is good enough for other communities to have light rail as an alternative, well, it’s good enough for it to be in the Crenshaw/South Bay Corridor.

And that’s what we have to argue for. We have to argue for that by being present in substantial numbers. How many of you have been down to the MTA for any public meetings? Well, let me just say this, it would be my view that if all of us were there to the extent that the escalators were jammed, it would not hurt my feelings.”

October 1, 2009

Supervisor Ridley-Thomas joined Samoan Chief Loa Pele Faletogo at a Carson press conference to raise awareness about ongoing disaster relief efforts for American Samoa and Samoa. The islands were recently hit by devastating earthquakes and tsunamis.