The Affordable Care Act – Have Your Say

One of our favorite ways of hearing from you on important current events is to take a camera out into the Second District and ask for your opinions. This month we asked a random sampling of district residents for their thoughts about the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. Take a look at the video to hear opinions that range from for and against to simply confused.

Below is a slideshow we hope will serve as a starting point for further research:

Also, don’t forget to give us your thoughts on the Affordable Care Act by leaving a comment on our website. All comments will be posted regardless of the opinion or stance on the issue as long as they are free from profanity.

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  1. Forditude Ringo Ford
    Forditude Ringo Ford says:

    Mr President this is very disheartening that now you have to apologize for misleading the American public on Obamacare. The system is broken and cannot be fixed so it’s now time to pull the plug on this bill more Americans will rather pay the penalty then to pay for the insurance. With 11 million illegals and homelessness at a all time high, and unemployment still staggerin You’re telling Americans to buy into this Obama caeg at a alarming rate. How are you going to force Americans to buy into this Obamacare when you know the system does not work for everyone, and Americas who are now being dropped from their insurance companies because of this plan. Now you come on national TV to apologize to the American for system thatis broken


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