Massive County-Wide Pet Adoption Event Tomorrow


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2010 (10am – 5pm)

All 7 County Locations! Plus, the City of LA and SEAACA! Each shelter will host their own adoption event. Visist for more information.

DISCOUNTED adoption fee will apply through December 24, 2010.

Kitten Adoptions at County Shelters Through September

The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC) is proud to announce its participation in Found Animals Foundation’s, “Summer Buddies,” two is better than one, cat adoption promotion. Now through September 30, 2010, Found Animals ( will pay for the adoption of a second cat or kitten when two are adopted at County and City shelters throughout Los Angeles.

Since “kitten season” is currently at its peak during these summer months, this promotion is designated to address the animal welfare and community crisis by promoting cat adoptions. The special, “two’s better than one” promotion delivers a great double adoption value to pet lovers, providing lifelong feline companions to people throughout Southern California, and will help save the lives of hundreds of animals in municipal shelters.

The “Summer Buddies” promotion follows the recent Found Animals June event, “Better with a Buddy,” where over 400 animals found new homes in one day. Since the event in June, over 212 pairs of cats/kittens (over 420 cats!) from surrounding Los Angeles animal care centers have been placed into new, loving homes.

For more information about the “Summer Buddies” promotion, contact Michael Gilman (Director of Communications, Found Animals) at (310) 574-5792 or stop by your local animal shelter.

Mysteries About 85-Million-Year-Old Sea Monster Unlocked at Natural History Museum


Fossil Now Destined for New Museum Exhibition, Dinosaur Mysteries, Opening Summer of 2011

One of the ocean’s most formidable marine predators, the marine mosasaur Platecarpus, lived in the Cretaceous Period some 85 million years ago and was thought to have swum like an eel. That theory is debunked in a new paper published today in the journal Public Library of Science. An international team of scientists have reconceived the animal’s morphology, or body plan, based on a spectacular specimen housed at the Natural History Museum (NHM) of Los Angeles County.

The mosasaur specimen was discovered in Kansas in 1969, and acquired by the NHM shortly thereafter. It contains four slabs, which make up a virtually complete, 20-foot specimen. Dr. Luis M. Chiappe, Director of the NHM’s Dinosaur Institute, spurred a modern preparation of the specimen, and assembled the paper’s research team. “It is one of several exceptional fossils that will be featured in Dinosaur Mysteries,” said Chiappe, curator of the 15,000-squarefoot landmark exhibition that opens at the museum in 2011.

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"Better with a Buddy!" Pet Adoption Fair Saturday

adopt buddy

Second District Shelters:

216 W. Victoria St, Gardena, CA 90248

3621 11th Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90018

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Tips For Keeping Pets Safe This Holiday Season

The holiday season, a joy-filled time for many people, poses some risks for pets. Here are a few tips from the Department of Animal Care and Control to keep you and your pets safe during the holidays:

– Never feed or let pets eat chocolate or other candies. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs and cats and can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and even death. If you suspect your pet has eaten chocolate, get him or her to a veterinarian right away for treatment.

– Shiny ornaments on Christmas trees can be attractive to curious pets. Dogs and cats can suffer serious and even fatal injuries by chewing and swallowing pieces of tree ornaments. Make sure pets cannot reach any ornaments in your home.

– Many people add special liquid preservatives to the water in Christmas tree stands, some of these product are harmful to pets that might take a drink from the water. Be sure to ask if a Christmas tree preservative is “pet safe” before you buy it.

– Keep holiday seasonal plants and flowers away from your pets. Many plants, such as Poinsettias, Christmas Candles, English Holly, Christmas Berry, Christmas Rose and Mistletoe are poisonous to dogs and cats.

– Electrical wiring can prove tempting for cats to play with and dogs to chew on. Your pet can suffer a severe shock or become electrocuted by touching the electrical current in the line. Make sure your pets cannot reach or climb onto areas that put wiring in their reach.

– Turkey is a particular favorite during the holiday season, but the bones easily splinter and should not be given to pets. Bone splinters can puncture an animal’s gastrointestinal tract, causing serious internal injury, which could result in death.

– Keep your pets away from alcoholic drinks. The holiday season traditionally features a wide variety of specialty drinks such as eggnog, which are not good for family pets. Do not let anyone offer a “sample” of their favorite libation to your pet.